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Monday, January 30, 2012

Just one more...

Thanks to a dear friend, I now have sunshine in my kitchen, even when it's cloudy outside.  It makes me happy, and makes me smile!!!!  Thanks, DL!!  Love you girlfriend!!

Afterglow from Knit night

Knit nite is my favorite night of the month!!!!  We have so much fun, and I always feel so good when I leave.  One of the ladies had a notepad cover, so I went out Thursday, bought some material, made up a pattern, and here you have the result!!  It's my prototype, and I can see some things to do different, but it was fun...only took 1 1/2 hours of cut and sew time (maybe that's why I need to do some things different)!

I think I'll use the same material and make a crayon holder with plain paper for a quiet activity for a child (or a bored adult at meetings!)

Busy, busy, busy

Thanks to GerryArt, who is my muse, i made this Lala's simple shawl.  I love the pattern.  It took one skein of Joann's Rainbow Classic Pattern brushed yarn.  The pattern is on Ravelry.  Thanks, Gerry!!

One more bit of Christmas

I made this mini-mitten and gave it to a 2 year old at church.  She tried to wear it, but haha, too small.
Anyway, they are supposed to be made to use as an advent calendar-type chain for the fireplace.  Sorry, I can't remember where I got the pattern.  I think I googled mini-mittens. Enjoy!