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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year; some FO's; a bit of insanity

My needles have been smokin' the past few weeks.  I will showcase my FO's, then venture into my new insane project.

Red Robin Shawl

Advent Shawl:  Lace wintersweet


The capelet needs to be blocked, but I love it!!!!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  soft.

Okay, now for my insane undertaking.  Even though I was warned (thanks GerryArt), I decided to do a test knit for a deluxe version of the lace wintersweet!  I used worsted wt. yarn (1st mistake) and after a few sections completed, calculated the shawl would be 90 inches long!!!  I talked with the designer, and she okay'd me to omit a few sections.  I'm over halfway finished!!  I have until the 31st to get it done, but with 6 sections removed, I should be able to do it!  Pictures will follow at a later time;   I have to get ready to go walk my 4 miles!