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Friday, February 18, 2011

10 down; 3 to go...for now

Okay, I've gotten myself into a pickle. I have over-extended myself for sure!!! Requests for the cupcake hat have EXPLODED!!!! I've made 10, and have 3 more to go!!!! It's a good thing my husband doesn't care (too much) that I sit and knit for the better part of each day!!! It's also a good thing he likes to cook. I'm going to keep him around!!!


  1. I am not a knitter but the hats are very cute ! ! ! !

  2. Love these hats. Hope you are getting paid for them. I think the going price is near $869.

  3. Love these hats!!! Hope you are getting paid to make them. Isn't the going price about $869?

  4. Cute as can be. Have never seen these before. Did you make up the pattern?