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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've been busy...

Oh, my!!  My hubby's been retired and home for a month, and we have been going through EVERYTHING!!!!!!  We have a giant "pile" of goodies for a garage sale this spring, and that's just cleaning out the lower level.  We haven't even started on bedroom closets, chest of drawers, etc.  That will be a fall garage sale, for sure.
Anyway, it's been going well (so far).
I did get to see my family a couple of weeks ago, and gave my nephew the sweater for his soon-to-be-born daughter.  She's due in a couple of weeks!!!
working on 3 blankets; so of course, it's slow going, but I'll eventually get them done.  AND, I still have 3 cupcake hats to finish...so much to do, so little waking hours...
more later!!


  1. The sweater is adorable. Lucky little baby. Wow, you sure are industrious about clearing things out. Guess hubby doesn't know how to relax yet. Hopefully you both will after this clearing out.

  2. Cute sweater. You can come unclutter my house when you finish yours.

  3. Pretty sweater, and in a pretty color, no less!
    What's the secret to uncluttering? I need it!