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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I did it!!!!!

Okay, I'm a few weeks late for 4th of July, but I made my FIRST drawstring bag.  I used a bandana I got really "cheap", and it was my practice one; not too bad for the first one.  Thanks, GerryArt, for the helpful tutoring!!

Also, thanks to Anna Marie and her granddaughter, I made this little bag out of a washcloth and duct tape!!!  I found duct tape sheets and they worked well for this.  With the help of hubby, we got the grommets in.  What fun it was to put together!!!


  1. You're just TOO HOT ! ! ! ! for your own good, Paula.

    Great job on the drawstring bag, the first of many I suspect.

    Oh, no, not duct tape ! ! ! This is soooo cute, guess we'll be seeing lots of these, also.

    You're HOT now.


  2. You sure did. Both projects turned out great. I have a feeling you will be making more little project bags.

  3. You have made some mighty lovely projects since Knit Nite. Love the patriotic fabric in your drawstring bag. And now you found 'duct tape sheets' to make the little bags! WOW!

  4. Duct tape is good for just about anything. Very Cute...