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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Dream Come True

Several months ago, Dianna brought a "too awesome for words" purse that her "daughter" Michelle had given her, made by her grandmother.  I was so intrigued at its beauty!!
I searched and searched, to no avail, for the pattern.
THEN, I received an email that changed my life!!!  Dianna had found the pattern on Ravelry, named "Purse with Leaves".  I was in heaven!!!!!
I purchased the "yarn" at Hillcreek.  It is ON Line Linie 255 Toledo Color.  It is perfect for this project.  DAY 1:

DAY 2 and 3:


The leaves are done!!!  Alas, I am going to have to break down and get a 3rd ball of this beautiful yarn to finish the bottom and to make the I-cords.  So, this creation will be on hold for a bit.
The pictures don't do the color changes justice!!!


  1. It's going to be gorgeous when you get it finished. Sorry you need another ball of yarn. It will be an expensive "designer" bag for sure.

    1. Thank you for the pattern, and the inspiration!!!

  2. Terrific, Paula ! ! ! !
    A loverly treasure of a jewel.
    and, it is a very handsome piece of work.

    Congrats! your karma is good.


    1. Oh, Gerry, this is a real treat to make. I may have to hire armed guards to go with me when I take it out. It's going to be above my price range...but worth it!!!

    2. Sometimes we just have to LIVE ON THE EDGE, Paula girl.