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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another pair of hand warmers

A free pattern on Ravelry I've wanted to make for some time...finally did it!!!
Cherry Red handwarmers  was the pattern.  They are a tad snug on my hands, but would fit a petite hand just right!!!

The yarn is Adriafil KnitCol  color 052.  It was a partial skein (116 yards) and I still have some left over!!!

Do you like the hands?  Hubby was out picking up leaves, so I had to improvise!


  1. Your handwarmers look a lot better than the ones on Ravelry. I have added that pattern to my Rav library so I can make them someday. Great job. The yarn makes all the difference.

  2. Thanks. they are a bit small for me, but you try them on next week, and see how they fit you.

  3. I was admiring your 'hands' first off. Great innovation, gal ! ! ! !
    Love the 'warmers', also.
    Great job, Paula.


    1. Was that ingenious or what!!!???
      Now to cut out feet with ankles...
      glad for your comments and good karma.

  4. Nice looking hand warmers. Interesting stitch. Looking forward to seeing them at Knit Nite. Hugs!

    1. Easy stitch to do. I'll bring them on the model hands Wednesday!!