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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inspiration from big sis

My big sis was here for a couple of days, and so we had to go shop!!!  She needed a new crochet hook holder.  The one I made her was so admired by her daughter-in-law's mother, she decided to make her one.

We got 2 fat quarters, and folded, re-folded, and figured out how to put it together with the least amount of sewing time.  Between us, it worked out pretty well.  I had leftover fleece we used for the lining.

I made two larger pockets on the left for scissors, and my 'Q' and 'S' hooks.

Also, on Knit Nite, I started another little owlet, and got it done Friday night!!!  This is a gift to my preacher. She loves squishy little cute things!!!


  1. Mighty attractive crochet hook holder!
    Love your squishy little owls!

    1. Thank you. Got the hook holder done in less than 2 hours.
      Love the owls, too!

  2. Sewing times spent with another is always FUN!
    And, PRODUCTIVE! ! !

    Owlie is adorable!


    1. We had so much fun laying out the fat quarters and trying to figure out how to only sew things once. It went pretty fast. I freehanded the compartments; couldn't get my fabric pencil to mark dark enough to see under the sewing machine light. If I turn the light off, the machine doesn't run. They came out pretty straight!!!
      Thanks for the comments!

  3. I use Painter's tape to mark some straight-line stitching.

    Easy on,
    Easy off
    Inexpensive as tape can be used several times
    Before it loses it stickingness


    1. That's a great tip!!!! Thanks. We have plenty of partial rolls downstairs in the furnace room, I'm sure.