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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A change of pace

This morning, I actually sat down at the sewing machine, and made two microwave baked potato bags.  I am gifting them to my walking gals. Boy, do we have fun traipsing the paths at Runge, or burning a path at the Mall.  I found this on Pinterest.  It's been kitchen tested and Carl approved.

Also, while I was in Columbia on Thursday, DH got the Christmas tree up AND decorated!!!  I'm going to have to keep him around.

 We had some pretty snow this morning.  I think it's colder in the basement where my sewing machine is, than outside!!!


  1. Your smokin' sewing machine should heat up your sewing space with no problem, gal!

    You Potato Bags are looking good. Great print for the task!

    1. thanks, Gerry! Only two more to go. It doesn't hurt to have an extra one around for last minute gift.

  2. Your walking friends will like these. I made some of these several years ago for myself and gifts, in fact, that is how I met one of my friends from England!!! WOW!!! Carl put up your tree!!! And decorated it!!! You bet he's a keeper.

    1. He IS a keeper; I just don't know where to keep him sometimes!! He commented the potato was easier to peel off the skin as he ate it. Looked fluffy!!!