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Sunday, April 24, 2011

WWII Vets arrive home in Wichita, KS

My dad, who served in WWII and Korea, was on the Honor Flight in Kansas.  I drove in to surprise him at the airport, and BOY, was he surprised!!!!  I made him cry, but they were tears of happiness.  The crowd cheered from the 1st vet to the 72nd.  It beats anything you ever see on TV coverage on the Honor Flights.  If you ever have the opportunity to welcome the veterans home after a flight, DO IT!!!!!!!  The soldier in the second picture stood at attention and saluted all 72 veterans as they were welcomed home.  It was an awesome experience, and I'm so proud to be an American!!!

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  1. Surprises like that are so good. I bet it was quite moving. I'd have been crying too.