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Sunday, June 24, 2012


First, I finally found some foam mats that fit together so I can FINALLY block myshawls.  Of course, having them and doing them are two different things!!!

Okay, now for the wonderful part!!  Friends in Columbia were making the cutest hoodies, so I got the booklet, "Wonderful Wallabys".  It has a pattern that can be made for children through adult.
From Cottage Creations, purchased at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe.

Adding the pouch was a new adventure.  It's not perfect, but this is my practice hoodie.
Now, I am halfway through the sleeves.  After finding my rhythm, and the "good" way to hold the needles, they are moving along faster than when I started.

Sorry it's sideways.  It's "normal" in my pictures folder, but you get the idea.
I hope I have enough to actually put a hood on this thing.  If not, it's okay, I'm learning a lot just doing this part. The neck opening is a placket, so no need for I-cord!!!!!
I'll bring it Wednesday.
The only sewing will be six stitches under each arm. 
Having fun on this horribly hot afternoon!!!!


  1. I'm stymied at your comment:
    " After finding my rhythm, and the "good" way to hold the needles, they are moving along faster than when I started. "

    Wasn't aware there is a 'bad way' to hold needles.

    Your pouch is looking pretty good, Paula.
    Love your color choice, also.


    1. thanks for the comment. I have 3 m ore inches of sleeves to do, then I can join to the body.

  2. Those mats look like they will be just what you need when you decide to block something. I bought some from Harbor Freight and they work fine. Your wallaby looks good. Looking forward to see it (and you) Wed. You will have to show us what you meant about holding the needles.

    1. Got the mats at Menard's. Brought home a striped sheet from Mom's, so as soon as I get it on the mats, I should be able to block things.
      I was trying to keep the sleeves separate, then figured out how to go zoom zoom from one to the other; that's what I meant by "right" way to hold.

  3. Hope to see your project Wednesday night.Love the colors you are using.