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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy, busy, busy!!

Oh my, I must have a screw loose! Test knit a pumpkin bootie, finished another toddler sweater, and started two KAL's!!! All on my Ravelry page. I haven't figured how to link using Blogsy yet.

Test knit pumpkin patch bootie

Tonalita cardigan
Curious collective DKAL
Sweater Babe's mystery KAL scarf
All I have is time, so I just as well knit!!!




  1. You sure are keeping those needles busy.

  2. The bootie is so cute. I like the cardi in a solid(ish) color. I never participate in mystery KALs since I got burned doing a mystery quilt years ago. I like to know what I'm making 8^). On the other hand, it's a great way to knit a complicated pattern because you only get one part of the pattern at a time. Good for you for trying all the things!!!