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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finishing KAL's and test knits

I worked hard and got both test knits done, and two KAL's finished before surgery! I have one more test knit for socks, but won't be able to get them started and finished before the end of the month! Working on baby blanket for friend's grandbaby due in January. Busy, busy, busy!!!

Test knit mitten for Keri Fischer-Seehuetter


Test knit fingerless knit for Keri Fischer-Seehuetter


Sweater Babes MKAL scarf


Curious Collective 2014 DKAL shawl


I am in the space age chic category, so I had Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars help me out.

All projects on my Ravelry project page.









  1. Is that the Millennium Falcon? It looks slightly different from Jeff's but he got his in 1978 so maybe the newer model is improved (your boys are younger than Jeff). Everything you knit looks fantastic and I'm glad to see that you feel like taking pics and blogging. I'm not getting any knitting time at the moment. Painting is the code word at our house.

    1. Yes, it is Han Solo's space ship. This one we got in the 90's, I think.
      Enjoy your painting!!! One day at a time!!